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‘The Miracle of the Kurds’ Releases

Stephen Mansfield’s newest book, a tribute to the Kurds entitled The Miracle of the Kurds, has just been released. The praise expressed in early reviews and the eager reception of major media portends good things for this, Mansfield’s twenty-first book. In the first weeks of release, Mansfield is scheduled to appear on MSNBC, FOX, CBC, Rudaw News, Kurdistan TV, National Public Radio, American Family Radio, NewsMax , CBN, in a feature of The Washington Times and on CNN. Much more is already scheduled. You can purchase the book on StephenMansfield.TV and follow Stephen’s media appearances on Twitter at @MansfieldWrites.

Mansfield Group Launches GreatMan.US

The Mansfield Group has launched a new website to help men become even better men. Called GreatMan.US, the site features videos, articles and resources to help every man grow into more dynamic manhood. Log onto GreatMan.US to join thousands of other men pursuing their best.

Why “GreatMan”

In a recent interview, Stephen Mansfield was asked why he chose “GreatMan” as the name of the men’s movement he is helping to launch. “Throughout much of history,” Stephen explained, “the phrase ‘great man’ referred to men who carried responsibility in society, who were models of character and nobility and who were counted upon in crisis. I wanted to brand this rising movement with a name that would invoke these attributes but would not be mistaken for being about “great men” in the sense of “good guy” or “great dude.” I want a movement in which every man aspires to be an exceptional leader, servant, husband, father and friend. I want not just the occasional “good guy,” I want a generation of men each aspiring to be a “GreatMan.”

The Great Man Night

Join New York Times best selling author Stephen Mansfield as he leads us on a five week journey exploring the characteristics of a Manly Man. Stephen Mansfield’s book, Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men, is inspiring men’s events around the world. Now, Stephen has decided to offer what he calls a “Great Man” event in his hometown of Nashville. For five consecutive Tuesday evenings, from May 20, through June 17, Stephen will be speaking to men at the historic Smith House in downtown Nashville.

In this unique setting, Stephen will talk firmly to men about how to be Great men, there will be time for Q&A and afterward the Smith House will make its bars, restaurant and cigar spaces available to “Mansfield’s Men.” You don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to become a better man and to meeting with the Great Men of Nashville.

This event starts Tuesday, May 20th @ 6:00 pm and runs consecutively for five weeks.

Detailed Schedule
Night 1: A Man, Not Just a Male / Theodore Roosevelt & Rudyard Kipling
Night 2: Manly Men Do Manly Things / Jabez & Churchill
Night 3: Manly Men Tend Their Field / John Wooden & Booker T. Washington
Night 4: Manly Men Make Manly Men / Jonathan & Patton
Night 5: Manly Men Live for The Glory of God / Job & St. Patrick



42513027-c48b-4387-a7f1-d1d1d23d3ed1The Standard Restaurant and Club
Steak, Whiskey & Cigars

167 Rosa L. Parks Blvd
Downtown Nashville, 37203

Mansfield Group Focuses on Leaders

In the last six months, Mansfield Group has provided communications coaching for a U.S. Congressman, supported Stephen as he made a major Washington DC speech on Winston Churchill’s crisis leadership, conducted seminars on leadership for several corporate clients, and coached numerous senior executives through transitions in their firms. “This is the natural outgrowth of all we have done in recent decades,” Stephen Mansfield said recently. “The books, the thousands of speeches, the hours of research, and the hundreds of leaders we have advised—it has all led to this explosive moment of standing with leaders in every field.” Follow the Mansfield Group on @MansfieldWrites and friend us on Facebook also at MansfieldWrites to learn more about our upcoming webinars and conferences as well as our ongoing slate of personal leadership services.