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Go to Israel with Stephen

Stephen Mansfield will be joining recording star Don Moen in leading an exciting tour of Israel this coming September. The tour, entitled Don Moen and Friends, will not only include visits to important biblical sites but will also offer times of worship—led by Don Moen, Lenny LeBlanc, and Paul Wilbur—and teaching by Stephen. Click here for more information about this tour and click here to view video of Stephen and Don talking about this tour.

GreatMan Events

The phrase “great man” has been in use since ancient times to refer to a man of character and impact. It described a man who was a leader, who changed his generation for the better, and who lived an exemplary life. Stephen Mansfield has decided to use this phrase to define the gatherings he is conducting around the country in the wake of the release of his book, Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men. Retreats, seminars, informal gatherings and webinars are being scheduled rapidly. Be sure to follow Stephen on Twitter at @MansfieldWrites and to check in on this site to get the latest news about these happenings. If you’re interested in a GreatMan event for your area, church, business or network, contact us here:

Webinars with Stephen

2014 will probably be remembered at The Mansfield Group as the year Stephen began using “webinars” to teach and train. Starting soon, Stephen will be rolling out a number of webinars to teach and train people around the world. For those new to the term, a webinar is a seminar conducted online in such a way that a nearly endless number of people can watch and interact. This format allows a live experience that would likely never be possible otherwise. Stephen intends to do webinars on a variety of topics and is excited about the possibilities of new conference technologies that make joining his webinars both simple and enjoyable. Sign up on the subscription bar at the top of this page to receive news of upcoming webinars. Also, be sure to follow Stephen on Twitter at @MansfieldWrites.

Glenn Beck and ‘Manly Men’

Less than a week ago, the headline of an article circulating on the Internet caught our eye. It read, “What Book Had Glenn Beck Reading Poetry on the Air?” It turned out that the book in question was Stephen’s Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men. We later learned that Beck had seen the book on the desk of one of his producers. He bought a copy and read it over the Thanksgiving holiday. It apparently spoke to the broadcaster at a critical time in his life. He read from the book and commented upon it every day for a week before Stephen appeared on Beck’s show. There are now plans for Stephen to appear again on the show to flesh out the vision of manhood described in the new book. Watch Stephen’s interview with Glenn Beck here: Glenn Beck Interview

‘Manly Men’ Already a Bestseller

Stephen Mansfield’s latest book, Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men, released on November 19 and three weeks later is already a bestseller. The book has topped two Amazon bestseller lists and is certain to top still other lists in the months to come. When asked about the book’s early success, Stephen said, “I have the privilege of writing a book about men being great men just at a time when men of our generation are desperate for someone to point the way. My book is there to help. I also think the wonderful job Thomas Nelson did on the book’s design makes it attractive to buyers. And you can’t beat an endorsement of the book by Winston Churchill’s great-grandson!”